Available DEXCOM G5 Sensors

Happy New Years Eve.
I suspect those using the DEXCOM have mostly transitioned to the G6 however, I have 4 DEXCOM G5 Sensors which expried 08 03 2019 and 5 that expired 04 04 2019. Not sure if they can be used via donation as I am on the G6. If not then I will discard, but wanted to check to see if anyone out there might need them.
They are still sealed and in the yellow DEXCOM G5 G4 Box.
Let m know.
Thanks and Happy New Year

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Hi @flannery395 Corey and welcome to TypeOneNation. We have members that are on the lookout for G5 and I am sure they will reach out soon. Hope to see you around the forum.

Good after noon I would if I could get those sensors I can pay for shipping.

I could use a G5 transmitter with even a little time left on it. I have sensors that would like to finish out.

Hi Brittany. I have one g5 as well that tandem send me by mistake if you want it send me a message so we can get the shipping set up

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Hi Corey, My 19 yr old developmentally delayed stepson just had his G5 Transmitter and sensor stop working. Although his endocrinologist’s office is working on getting him upgraded to the G6, we need transmitters and sensors for the G5 until that happens. Please let me know if you still have any available. If yes, please let me know. Of course, we will pay for shipping. THANK YOU!

Sorry Brittany, new to the posting thing on this and missed your reply. Be glad to price it out for you and ship to you.

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That would be awesome I don’t need the boxs o live in New Mexico

Good afternoon Chris,
Sent you an email

Do you have anymore g5 sensors my daughter could use them .

I have several g5 sensors and a dozen boxes of test strips. Kclark550@comcast.net. I would love to helps fellow t1d

I messaged you Karol on your email.

Cleaning out my closet and found unopened 6 boxes of Dexcom G4/G5 sensors. They have an “expiration” date of 2017. If anyone can use them please let me know. My email address is misserica530@yahoo.com

Erica I sent you an email.