Awesome Checkup!

William had his "three month" checkup today, and it went awesome!  He had his first A1c, and it was 6.5%.  I was so happy and relieved!

We're also starting the process of getting him on a pump.  He tried the OmniPod demo for three days, and was fine with it.  We told our DE we wanted to get started, and she said we could probably get our endo's approval when we go back in October, get into training classes in November, and by that time it will have been six months since diagnoses so the insurance should cover it.  It's going to be a long three months...

I wanted to again thank everyone who has been so forthcoming with information and experience and support.  I feel like I can go into these appointments on an equal footing with William's diabetes team, and actively participate in his care and the decision-making.  Knowledge is power :)




Congrats on the awsome number! Hannah is starting on the Omnipod, I just got the call today that it is shipping out, they said I should have it tomorrow (have to go thru a med supply company, due to insurance). Now I just have to wait for the 2nd class.....

Keep up with the good work and tell William I said "Good Job"!



awesome job with the a1c :) glad it went so well!

The Omnipod is awesome! It will be a week tomorrow that I have had insulin in it and it has gone flawlessly! I am loving it! Best of Luck!


That is awesome for your son. I am sure it makes life a little better for you and I am sure you are a little less worried. It is so good though to see a parent so actively involved in taking care of their child and doing all possible to help them live a better life. You get mad props in my book.

Mo, I just noticed your post. Congrats to both you and your son for not only surviving three months but thriving!

Thanks for all the good words and thoughts!  As they say in "AA", we're takin' it One Day At A Time  :)