Awesome day yesterday! (Scarcasm off)

I have been sick for a week now. Chest pain, Headache, fever, chills. All the good stuff. Been off work all week.  Which makes everything hard.

Doctors tell me I just have a virus and it needs to run its course. They wanted to make sure that I didnt have something else going on so they decided to do some chest X-rays on me yesterday. First, they drew some blood to make sure some other stuff was ok. I have never gotten light headed before while having blood work done.

They lead me back to the X-ray room and i'm not feeling so well. It was cold and windy outside and very very warm in the doctors office today. I don't know if it was a shock to my body or what but, I remember standing facing a wall then the next thing I am on the ground being checked over by the nurses.

Everything checked out Blood Pressure, my Oxygen, and my BS was 134. They got me back up to do the X-rays and I became light headed again so  I sat down and had some water and finallly started to feel better.

Anyone else ever had this happen to them? Don't know what actually caused this to happen to me. Just very very weird.



Same thing happened too me 2 weeks ago. They had no idea what i had so they gave me an antibiotic an had me go home..

Then antiboitic made my sugars go everywhere which made me get sicker. So if i were you i'd go to a diffrnet doctor and see what he/she says.

Yeah about two week ago now I had the flu (throwing up flu). So I was so pale and everyone kept asking if that was my normal color and we were like no I'm usually way more pinkish and so the nurses and doctors were all freaked out. Before I went into the ER I had fainted. They did this blood pressure test on me where they had me do 3 different positions to check my heart rate and blood pressure, and I stood up felt like I was going to faint again, (one of the positions was to stand up) as I went from that sitting position to standing up my heart rate went up and blood pressure stayed the same so it added up that's why I fainted. They said that in kids the heart rate will raise and in adults the blood pressure will rise and that can cause fainting and passing out. So I was very dehydrated so they admitted me to the hospital for overnight for nausea meds and fluids felt better by the next night.

I had pneumonia a few weeks ago and I'm not too sure that it's actually gone. Yesterday I was in the shower and had to yell for my boyfriend because I felt like I was about to pass out. I was freaking out because it got to the point where I had my eyes open but my vision was pitch black, I couldn't see a thing and I was screaming for my boyfriend. He came back upstairs and started feeding me while I was sitting in the shower because I could not move. I checked my bleed sugar once I felt better and it was 150. And there is no way that I could have been low because my blood sugar wouldn't have shot up that fast. So I have no idea what it was...