Awesome news!

Alright guys,

I didn't want to say anything until I knew for sure whether this would happen or not...but I got awesome news today so I'm going to share. :)

I'm going to school for Nutrition Science, and my ultimate goal is to become a CDE and counsel other T1' I always try to focus on T1 in my projects if possible.  I have to do a senior project that I'll be working on this whole year.  Most of the other students picked a pre-made project, but I proposed my own to the teacher.  My idea is to examine misconceptions about T1 by the public, media, and healthcare professionals.  The purpose of the project is to determine if T1 is misrepresented and otherwise misunderstood, and we may also choose to look at how changing the name of T1 could affect its perception.

The teacher gave me the go-ahead to do this project this morning, so I am super stoked!  I know there are conflicting opinions about this issue, and I don't want to start a fight or debate here.  Think of it like this, even if you don't agree with me on this issue, this is still research that has the potential to benefit the T1 community.  :)


getting to do your own research is awesome! when i was in school for dietetics, i did the same thing (try to focus on diabetes for projects). whatever the research is and whether or not i agree with you doesn't matter! you're bringing attention to a disease that needs more public awareness.

good for you!

Congrats on getting to do the project you wanted!  :)  And thanks for wanting to work to spread more awareness about T1.  Good luck!


Sounds like an awesome project, and something that is definitely worth examining. You can always pick my brains if you need input :D

Go Molly go!!!

Good Luck with your project !!

That is awesome!  Congrats!!

Thanks guys!  At some point I may end up surveying the T1 community for this project.  If I do, I'll obviously be posting it here for anyone interested in helping out.  :)

Sounds like an awesome idea.


I quote (from one of my medical school faculty members, who was educating us on diabetic gastroparesis at the time):

Student:  "So, even though she is a type 1 diabetic, could she also be becoming insulin resistant?"

Teacher (who is obviously not the smartest of teachers):  "No, she is a type 1 diabetic.  So, she has had this illness since birth".


I mean, COME ON.  You're a DOCTOR.


I have been a patient in the hospital where I was telling the Dr.s and nursing staff how much insulin to give and one time I drew the insulin when the nurse said to me "it has been a while since I have done this and I have a hard time seeing the lines on the syringes".  and these was when I was in labor with my son..scary. That was one time that I really did not want to go low.  Best of luck!!!