Awesome Pregnancy Book!

Hey guys,

Pregnancy has been a giant topic between my husband and I....we have talked to my doctors, and they said my A1c's are not in the range they would like me to be at to start the pregnancy process.... I am determined to work on it, and I really would love to have children.

I decided to get a book on pregnancy and T1...I did alot of research, and this is a newer book, but I read it cover to cover and it gives me ALL new meaning to diabetes and t1, not as scared to go through 9 months of pregnancy "bliss" haha...but it gives you real answers and real complaints and real suggestions! I suggest you all that are thinking about pregnancy or going through it, to read it! My hubby, who is not a type one, has also read some of the chapters!!

-Cass xoxo

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the recommendation. I ordered the book on wednesday and just received it in the mail today. I have already read 75pgs! It was just what I needed as I start this journey into conceiving, and I would recommend it to everyone. Great Find :)

Thats awesome news! I loved this book since the minute I received it in the mail! I did the same thing and read straight through for the first day :-)


Share it to everyone :-)

Thank you for sharing this information!  I just ordered it on I think this book will help to curb my anxiety about this process. I will also be more informed and plan to get my husband to read the book as well. He is a T1 like me....that's how we met actually :)

aww....I dated a diabetic when I was in highschool and probably the worst experience of my life....because he took care of himself HORRIBLY...and at the time I was a good little diabetic....well I started to learn his habits and created havok on my diabetes and life....that was the worst 2 years of my life haha....


otherwise I have moved on and found my husband, we both work in the same field, and he loves anything that has to do with medicine and the body and physiology of things, he loved reading parts of the book! Let me know what you think about it!


Oh and just because I had a bad experience, doesn't mean everyone else will. Congrats on finding a fellow- healthy- diabetic! :-)