Baby #2 on its way

Well yes I am crazy enough to try this again hahaha… I am 10 weeks pregnant with baby # 2. My first daughter is 2 now and we decided to have one more. I wasn’t going to because being pregnant with her was such incredible work. I don’t even know what it is like to be preggo without diabetes. But I am strong and know I can do it. I of course am still panicking when I see a reading at 200. I had my first 300 tonight and started to freak out. My A1c is 7.2 and is slowly coming down. My endo and OB are pleased. My A1C was 7.0 when I was pregnant with Nalani and I got it down to 6. I just feel like a horrible mom when I let it creep to high or have to many carbs because I am hungry all the time. Ahhhh the guilt. Anywho I look forward to following other pregnant mothers on here to look for support and advice. Cheers mommas!

Congratulations! I look forward to hearing about how everything is going along the way!