Baby #3!

Hi Ladies!!

Well I just found out on Monday that I am pregnant with our third child! Which is pretty crazy seeing as I have a 10 month old (and a 3 year old). My sugars have been so out of wack these last few months, my last A1C was 6.9.... so not horrible but pretty bad none the less. All this anxiety is causing my sugars to be even worse, especially at night, and to top it off, my sensor kicked the bucket! So I just got off the hone with Minimed, and 1000$ later, hopefully things will be getting better soon.

Hi Katie!

Congratulations on Baby #3!  I know an a1c of 6.9 is not perfectl, but it is still very close to a good range for pregnancy.  I wouldn't worry too much.  Glad to hear that you easily solved your sensor problem.

Take care and keep us posted on how things go!


Congratulations! Hopefully everything will balance out for you soon! 6.9 isn't perfect but a lot better than mine! My last one was 9.3 and that was a week before I found out I was pregnant! Quick action and a lot of hard work has been my game! I will see the end results at the end of this month (fingers are crossed). I am now 13 weeks along and so far everything is going really good despite my last A1C.

Do keep us posted and best wishes to you!