Baby Reed has Arrived!


I just wanted to let you all know that my baby boy, Reed, was born last week on 2/14 (Valentine's baby!) My blood pressure started to creep up once I hit 36 weeks, but all my other blood work and urinalysis came back negative for preeclampsia. Then at my 37 week check up, 2 days prior to my induction date, i just didn't feel well and my blood pressure made my doc a bit uncomfortable, so she told me I wasn't going back home and that I would be induced that day. My labor for the most part was uneventful except that my contractions were 'crap' and never quite fit the pattern they wanted. Even with the internal monitor, they just never picked up in the traditional sense even though I was in pain. However, each time they checked me I had progressed further! After about 10 hours of labor, getting the epidural at 6+cm came the pushing. I pushed for over 2 hours before my doctor (who is very into doing things as natural as possible) suggested forceps since he had pooped. We went ahead with it, and Reed was born not too many pushes later! His shoulder got a little stuck, so things got a little intense, but all was well with the little guy. I had some tearing and had to be cut, but even that is turning out to be ok. 

Here's the part you probably all really wanna know... my sugars during L&D were good, around 10o for the most part with some lows that I treated with juice and glucose tablets. I wore my pump the whole time and was allowed to track my own sugars. My sugars did spike up into the high 100's as we started pushing, which I think was due to the adrenaline. I got them back down with small bolus amount over the two hours.


The baby's blood sugar was 36 after birth and kept climbing from there. They checked it 4 times, and each time they said it was fine, albeit a lot lower than what i would think was normal (I guess that's normal for babies). We kept up with his feedings and all went well :-)

Diabetes + Pregnancy was not easy for me, but totally worth it! And in all reality, I think I overall had it pretty easy. This forum in particular really helped me through some of my tougher times, and I am thankful for that. So thank you ladies! Baby dust and love to all of you!


Congrats!!!!!!!! What a valentine gift!!! Baby Reed is beautiful! I am glad it all worked out for the best ! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!  He is beautiful and looks so smart and focused.  That's unusual for a baby.  He is something special.  

I'm so glad he's doing well and hope you're doing okay too.  Take care and thank you so much for sharing.  


Congratulations Rebekah!  What a special gift on Valentine's Day!!  I'm so glad you and your baby boy are doing well!!! He is so cute! :)

Congrats!! What a handsome fella!!  Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I greatly appreciate it!! Take care :)

Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your experience with all of us.  I really appreciate it.  Your little guy is precious. Enjoy your time!