Baby Yogurt Q

Hey all,

Have a little 8 month old and we are considering starting him on baby yogurt. Still on the boob but we also put him on formula that was HA so considered better and more broken down and less likely to cause or make him more susceptible to diabetes (even though a link has not been conclusively established).

I was wondering if anyone could recommend a baby yogurt that is better to reduce the chances of diabetes (like the HA formula) or if one even exists.



 Never heard of it, but diabetes is not supposed to be genetic. IDK.

There are "suggestions", amongst many, that some types of cows milk protein could "possibly" be a diabetes trigger. They are doing a lot of research on the subject. Also your genetics can supposedly make you predisposed to getting diabetes.

Bearing that in mind my wife and I are playing safe with our son, staying on breast milk and HA formula which is meant to be easier for babies to digest.

I have been recommended, on another diabetes site, to try soy yogurt and also Yoplait baby yogurt which supposedly are likewise easier for the bub to digest.

We are first time parents and I am a newly diagnosed diabetic so we are being very cautious.