Baby's movement



I was just wondering when everyone started to feel their babies moving in the womb.  When you did start to feel the movements, was it constant or some days you feel it and some days not as much?  Yesterday I felt my baby being really active all morning and afternoon and today I don't feel much of anything, a few jumps maybe.  I'm 18 weeks pregnant now and have felt small flutters and jabs since week 12.  I was excited that I was feeling so much constant movement yesterday and now am most likely worrying about nothing.

I felt slight movement around 15-16 weeks and then felt my first kick at 18 weeks.  At first it was one day I would feel a lot and some days nothing.  So I was the same way you are describing, but it gradually gets to be more and more and now I feel her everyday pretty much all day.  So I wouldn't worry about it.