Babysitter needed

Hi! I’m looking for babysitters in the St Louis area that can take care of my T1D son for a few hours after school. He is 7. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

Welcome to the forum @Cooleyse! I’m not in your area and hope some members send you recommendations; but another idea - check with your pediatrician’s office. They may know of people professionally qualified to care for a child with Type1 or - perhaps even better - they may have teen patients looking to babysit or other parents looking to connect. They may not be allowed to give out someone else’s information due to HIPAA, but they could share yours as you request.
My sister is developmentally disabled and attended special ed. Our mom became friends with parents of other kids at her school: some of them grew close and came to love each other’s children as their own, and were always ready to lend a hand. Their kids’ needs were different - although one had/has Type1 as well - but the commonality connected them.
Talk to parents in the waiting room too - you may form relationships that last a lifetime - my mom sure did!

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Thank you! These are great suggestions. I appreciate your time!

Hi @Cooleyse welcome! Another thing you could try is the JDRF chapter nearest you. You can click “Resources” at the top of this site or just click here. and get in touch with others in your area. Good luck. :four_leaf_clover:

My pleasure! Take care.