Back Ace

Hiiii guys do you people have any idea if there is any connection between back ace and diabetes. My girl friend she is having back ace from around last 2 months but during last few days it has became severe. Thank you in advance.

If your back aches it can be a sign your kidney's are overworked, which happens with diabetes when blood sugars are high and kidneys have to process all that extra sugar.  She should probably see a doctor to figure out what it is.  

If it is kidney problems, lowering blood sugars and taking blood pressure meds called ACE inhibitors to protect kidneys can help.  It's usually a $5 - $10 generic prescription.  Most common, as long a a woman isn't pregnant, is Lisinopril.

Thank you for your reply, please tell me how much dangerous is it if this the cause ? . but her sugar level are not very high it is normal most of the time it ranges from 90-200  and max to 260 before and after meals....

With her control I doubt kidney issues are the problem, but it's smart to see a doctor if possible.  

Drugs like Lisinopril prevent kidney problems and are recommended for most adult diabetics, especially those who've had D for 20 years or more.