Back again to talk about the G6 and 5 failures in two days

Well, maybe it’s not the location. It’s just that when I had Dexcom G5, I had wildly odd numbers when worn on my torso. One hundred points off was not uncommon. It was maddening, However, it changed dramatically when I switched the sensor site to my upper arms. Suddenly, it was fine and right in line with the Medtronic CGM. For a couple of weeks I wore both as a comparison and they were within a couple of points of each other and never very far from my finger sticks. I’m not sure what Dexcom recommends now for placement.

These issues were why I gave the G6 up almost a year ago and went back to finger sticks and meter. So much better for me psychologically and physically, and works well with my lifestyle. I would reiterate everything Joe and Dennis said. Even though it’s great for some people, maybe trying something else–for a while at least, to see how things go–would be worthwhile. I sympathize with your experience–it is so difficult and frustrating enough to manage T1D, but when tech goes wrong, it adds a whole other level of awful stress. Do what’s best for YOU–regardless of what gets touted as “the new and great thing in T1D management.” And again, keep in mind there are no magic bullets, just ways of managing for each individual person that are better than other ways of managing. :slight_smile:

Have you tried your arm again? It’s not listed as a Dexcom approved site but if it works/worked for you…

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Of course this could be because you CGM is off, but you might also need to adjust your background settings - it’s not uncommon to need to tweak them every now and then.

I haven’t tried my arm in a long time. The next change I will. Good idea!

That’s really worrisome! I know I had a problem because I had 3 consecutive at one point and Dexcom didn’t want to send me replacement, but finally did. I had emergency operation and had two failed earlier. I would share with social media and advise them your sharing this experience of their lack of support with a chat group of TD1, I think that’s similar to what I did and said at that point!