Back from the Dr. - we are getting a pump!

We just got back from the dr. & we have decided to go with the Medtronic Revel 522 for Cadence. She picked out the clear one! She is so super excited!!! So am I to tell the truth...nurse said we should have it here in about 2 weeks. Just had to share our news with people who understand!!

Congrats!  You mean the 523 as the 522 is old.  But you are getting the same pump I got the middle of July.  It and the CGM are amazing!  Maybe after she get's used to pumping you can expand to the CGM that goes with it.  It tells me continuously what is going on with me.  I was talking with a rep from Medtronics today.  He was telling me that the CGM device it is connected with collects data every minute and sends that data to the pump every 5 minutes.  I am new to it, but not to pumping.  I am truly excited about having this equipment.  I have dealt with diabetes almost 38 years now and this is probably the first time I really felt I had some sort of control over it.  Good Luck!  It's a life changer!