Back on the pump

I started using the pump and June and changed my quick set before bed one night, something went wrong and I went into DKA, I have been terrifed since and returned to shots. Today I went back on and I am so nervous.

hi lizethrock

I always get strange highs after a set change, so I never change a set and then go to bed. when you don’t have any long acting insulin like levemir or lantus in you, it can take as little as 4 hours for a high to lead to DKA (if you are real sensitive). it is a risk for all pump users that pump straight fast acting.

i only do a set change when I know ill be able to check, and either be able to change the set or bolus extra or even use a syringe for whatever it is that happens when I change it. if it turns out you are extra sensitive to dka, there are other ways to protect from it when pumping - ask your doctor or endo.

good luck.

I’m lucky that I wake up if I get over about 200, but the advice to do it when you have time to check BG in an hour or two is sound. I assume you prime with the correct amount of insulin for the type of set you use?

Also make sure there’s enough fat to inject into. I’ve hit muscle a few times, mostly I get some pain if I do, but not always and have had some bum sites that way.