Back to school! Are you stressed?

Our daughter started 1st grade to day..  She was so excited, but it was tough for my wife and I. We were lucky enough to have a shadow (teacher to monitor her all day) and there is another type 1 diabetic in her class. We also have a CGM on her today, so I know all is fine. Still a stressful day though..

Just wanted to start a thread were we can all talk about the first days back to school.

The first weeks of every school year are nerve-wracking. When Cassie started "big school" (kindergarden), we made sure she was on the pump so that she wouldn't have to deal with lots of shots in the classroom or be a slave to the eating schedule dictated by a regular/nph insulin regimen. As she enters 8th grade this year,  she's able to really take care of herself, but we need to clearly communicate her needs to the new batch of teachers.  I wrote about making a teacher diabetes cheat sheet on my blog which you can check out at

I checked out your site and I must say it is very well done. Thanks for the link, I'm sure I'll become a regular visitor.

Stress is an understatement for what i feel when school is about to start.I as well have a child with t1 and he is just starting first grade today he was not looking foward to it nor was I,we had a really tuff kindergarden year we went though 3 nurses and 2 principals all of which never have dealt with a diabetic let alone one with an insulin pump .If you dont mind me asking what is a shadow teacher and where are you from?