Back to School Stress

My daughter is in the second grade. This is her first year at school with Type 1 and she is struggling. She cries in the morning and says she doesn’t want to go. Her teacher seems great and I think she has some friends but every morning is a struggle. Any tips would be appreciated.

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I’m assuming last year was okay and you’re writing because diabetes is the new factor. If she uses a CGM and you share her readings maybe you can assure her you always know what’s going on and can let someone know if she looks like she may need something. I was diagnosed in 1963 and we didn’t even have BG meters😳 so we went on how we felt. In time and with practice she will learn that if she feels a certain way she may need something to eat or that something’s not right - she’ll learn to read her body and confirm with her CGM numbers, which will give her confidence. I’m glad to hear she has such great support at school. Right now you’re probably her primary resource but in time she’ll learn to trust others and even reach out to friends.

Thanks for the pep talk. I needed it.

Hey, Patty, just checking in. How has it been going? Thinking of you and your little one.

Hi, I know this post is from last October but my daughter is in 2nd grade and was diagnosed last May. She had the same problem the first several months of school. Her sugars would go high in the mornings. She did not want to go. It was really hard and stressful. I hope things are going better for you now. She still has her days.