Back to school time

Is anyone else going back to school soon? I work as a speech pathologist at a preschool and only have one more week of vacation. The students don't have to go back until 9/8 though. As an adult, I dread going back *almost* as much as when I was a student b/c the start of the year is always so busy and you get used to a more relaxed schedule over the summer. (:

So, I've been so much better about testing and D-control this summer for the obviously reason that I've been on vacation. I hope to keep it up in the fall b/c last school year, I was down to testing only 5-6 times on some days which obviously isn't great. So, I think I have to talk to my students more about my D b/c that would make it easier to test whenever. I'm open with the parents as it's relevant, but I never bother to tell the students b/c I work w/ little ones (1 - 5 years old). 

Sorry to drone on, but this was just a general complaint about back to school and thoughts about staying on track when the busy year gets going... Anyone else heading back soon???

This is completely opposite what I should be saying - but I'm actually jealous of everyone that's heading back! I still have a bit of summer to wade through; but because everyone on here, mainly, is heading back I'll have to find another form of entertainment until I'm re-piled with books once more.

One thing I am not, however, looking forward to this school year is the readjustment of basal rates, bolus settings, etc. I have a feeling my first day back may very well be spent in the nurse's office with a bucket of juice.

I'm headed back to school on September 8, as well. I have a feeling I'll be going sooner than that, though. I'm on the newspaper staff, and we usually end up putting together a back-to-school issue while everyone is still at home. I'm looking forward to this year because I'm no longer an underclassman (woo-hoo!), but not looking forward to it because I've hear the junior year is the toughest, and it was already tough to keep up my 4.0 last year. Hopefully I can keep it up, and get at least a little bit of sleep in the process. (=

i go back the 20th of this month. no yay!!! i only have 4 days of vacation left

i have gotten used to waking up at 11 or so, waking up at 5:30 is gonna be hard to do!

[quote user="Alyssa"]

One thing I am not, however, looking forward to this school year is the readjustment of basal rates, bolus settings, etc. I have a feeling my first day back may very well be spent in the nurse's office with a bucket of juice.


haha. i hope thats not how my firsat day is, but i have a feelign that ill spend a good part of my day there too. my nurse might get tired of seeing me every hour!

The nurse and I willl be on a first-name basis by the end of the week. I guarantee it :)

I have a week and a day till I go back to school. I'm worried though because I have lunch at like 1:00 or 1:30 the latest is like at 1:45. We get out of school at 3:10. I'll definatly have to eat a snack. I think I'm gonna eat like a gronola bar so I know my sugar won't drop.

Going back to school the 26th. I'm a little nervous cause I wanted to keep myself super busy cause my boyfriend is moving and I didn't want to get bored but that was before I was diagnosed. Now I'm overbooked with everything and I don't know what to give up.

i go back in the 2nd week of september! but i have a day im suposed to go before then since im going to a new school

if you are worried about basal rates and bolus and stuff like that you should go see your doctor before you go back and go over your schedule etc. so that you can get extra help on that issue.  what i also find helpful is setting an alarm on your pump to tell you when to test it really helps me.

i started on the 12th

i have to go in tomorrow for state tests all day and then the "real" first day is Thursday/ i'm dreading it cause i'm going to a different school and i only know the girls on the volleyball team lol

"As an adult, I dread going back *almost* as much as when I was a student b/c the start of the year is always so busy and you get used to a more relaxed schedule over the summer. (:"

I can relate...except I am not very good at handling time off. It's a very fulfilling job, however. Just tough. I can relate from my sector, I believe. It's been frustrating lately because I have been having persistent high blood sugars, and I finally tracked it down to bad insulin, except now I don't know where the bottle went, so I don't know if my current reservoir is the culprit or just a look-alike...

Certain activity high blood sugar is very difficult.

For all returning students, I hope that your school goes very well and that you have all the opportunities that school has to offer and none of the difficulties.

It's back to school time! And my blood sugars have been crazy! When I wake up, I'm around 100. I eat, drive to school and walk to class (it's about ten minutes and it's an exercise with my backpack on). When I reach class, my bg is over 200 (it hasn't been this high since the first week i was diagnosed). Then a class or two later, my bg is in the 50s. Why is this?

i'm going back the 9th and i have a class trip that weekend.. so i'm going away for a few days with my grade.

i'm nervous because i will be just getting used to my pump then (i'm on saline right now and start insulin on wednesday).. part of me is thinking i shouldnt have gotten the pump but i dont know.. i'm just nervous and it's a lot to deal with in the beginning of school

So, I had my first week back this week, even though the students don't come back until after Labor Day. This week, we had teacher trainings all week, which involved just sitting there, so I had to up my Lantus. Then, next week ... setting up our classroom, getting supplies, lots of movement, so I'll have to cut it back down. It def. involves changing your doses and then testing like crazy when your schedule changes, huh!

you guys are lucky, I dont even think my school even has a nurse, neither schools that i've gone to since diagnosis have had nurses.. well my elementary school didnt, and whenever I go to the nurses place after getting slammed with a baseball or something, its always being handled by gr.12 students. worst part is half the time you walk in on them making out, pretty dumb acctually. so I dont go there in any case. I've always had to take care of myself, in any case t has helped me be more self reliable.

but the school office is another thing, Ive long been on first name basis with the schools main secretary, I even got her to sign my yearbook and she teased me about my common visits, none of which involve me being bad.. just me trying to figure out where my class is when I get to school late, or trying to find a certain room I've never been to before... Its really funny. If im still looking for classes this year Im going to look dumb cuz it will be my 2nd year there

and part of me wishes Im there cuz of sevral fun courses. but I stink at school :( I have like.. a C average on everything, and an A in french. and and F in English,science,and math... so yeah.. Im not dumb, I just have a short attention span if i cant figure something out, and nobody helps me.. my science,math,and english teachers dont belive in helping soo.. yeah theyre hard classes...

wow.. i talk a lot.. I need someone to talk to, add me as a friend :D or post on my Blog



I'm back Tuesday, September 1, 2009.

I'm excited, but after my freshman and sophomore years, the nurse and I have become good friends. I'm actually hoping the the rigid schedule will help me get into a bit of better control because my sugars generally seem to be better during the school year, except during times of extreme stress.

Oh well.

I am worried because I'm starting a new pump pretty soon (PING!!!) and I'll have to try and schedule all the necessary appointments, training, etc to fit with my school work and all the extras I'm involved in (music, drama, volunteer work, [Catholic school, very heavy on volunteering]).

Are you allowed to carry your meter around at school or do they make you keep it in the office? During changes in my schedule like back to school, I test sooo often -- I'd need it w/ me...

ugh! i am not looking forward to school. i have to get my pictures done on the very first day! and later that day, i get a haircut and im changing my hair a bit(not much but probably enough that its noticeable)