Back to School with Diabetes

Hey yall it’s Shay and down here some people are starting to get ready to get back to school. Like most my favorite part of going back to school is school shopping. :slight_smile: So when I go shopping I love to find unique stuff so what would y’all recommend when I’m trying to keep my status quote n find unique, cute, handy diabetic supplies and accessories. I know I know it sounds weird but hey we’re still teens ;). Respond to the Post THANX


Some fun things I love are:

  • (if you’re a girl) a vera bradley wristlet for you blood testing kit
  • skinit (i think that’s the brand) sells covers for pumps and some blood testing kits (I had one of my D.A.D. to be and loved it!!)
  • also, you could get some cute tin or container for glucose tablets
  • Also, if you use a log book, covering the front with a collage or pictures

Thx zoenjc good ideas. You should inbox me sometime

I like the pump wear cases. If you want we can talk just email me at: