Background retinopathy

I hope everyone is managing to stay well and sane through this extraordinarily challenging time we are going through.
My son (diagnosed Sept '12) was due to have his annual eye screening appt in April which has understandably now been cancelled until further notice due to the pandemic. Because he was told at his last screening appt last yr that he has ‘background retinopathy’ , I was very keen that this appt took place.
Not knowing when it will now be scheduled, has caused a lot of anxiety for me. Will waiting some more months be a problem for him? He has of course taken extra care since the scare last yr to control his blood sugars even better.
Any comments would be welcome. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

hi @morseyami good to hear form you. I am sorry you don’t have better support. “background” retinopathy sometimes refers to poor circulation in the back of the eye. Rarely they use that for the observation of the small aneurysms on the retina blood vessels, and it is never used to refer to abnormal blood vessels, or bleeding. If you can get a message to the doctor, it would be good to gauge their concern against your own. Many doctor offices in the states are using video conferencing.

if the doctor was referring to simple lack of circulation, then there is usually no treatment. Keep blood sugar in range, get exercise, no smoking, and eat, rest, play. cheers hope you and your family stay safe.

Hi Joe, likewise :slight_smile:. Thanks for your thoughts. I doubt very much a doctor will take a video conferencing call for this, not yet anyway. I’m hoping the rescheduling wont be too far away. If it is then I’ll push for that. Thanks again!

Hi @morseyami, it is good seeing you active here again.

I’m very sensitive to your concern for your son, and very much aware of retinopathy and the damage it may cause to the eye; I was diagnosed with “prolific” retinopathy in 1966 - yes, 54 years ago and because of experimental, and now almost routine, therapies my eyes still see fairly well.

As @Joe said, “background” retinopathy is not used to refer to active aneurysm of blood vessels on the retina. I’ve been involved in many retina treatments and studies over the years and seen by the world’s greatest ophthalmologists and learned from them; I have been told, the a great many people - those with diabetes and those who have not been diagnosed with diabetes - appear to have some “background retinopathy”. Your son now, I presume, is in the active surveillance stage - a few months wait should not make too much difference for him. I urge you to validate my last statement by phone or other electronic communication with your son;s medical provider - just to be on the safe-side.

I’m wishing the very best for your son, and for you. Note, I am NOT a licensed medical provider.

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Thank you so much for your reply Dennis, very appreciated :slight_smile:. Yes a few months wait should be ok. I will definitely be chasing it up after that if he doesn’t hear anything. Thanks again, hope you are well. :slight_smile: