Bad bruises?

So....I've been a T1D for almost ten years, and have been on injections for the majority of that time (always worked better for me than a pump). I've never been an easy bruiser, but over the summer and now into fall, I have been bruising almost every time I give a shot (which is, like, at least four times a day). The bruises are large (up to the size of a fist on my belly), purple, blue, green, and black. As a rather self-conscious teen girl, it is becoming really hard to cover them up. They are so dramatic-looking that several friends who didn't know about my disease were concerned that I was being abused at home. (Don't worry; I set them straight haha) I spoke to my endocrinologist about it and she was concerned and did a full workup, but found nothing. Any tips on what might be causing the bruises or how to cover them up?



I experienced the same thing after years shooting up.  The bruises didn't hurt but they looked awful.  Think it's just that the multiple daily injections never give the skin a chance to fully heal.

Haven't tried it myself, but if I were still doing shots I might try an iPort.  Sounds like a cool Apple product, but it's actually a catheter that stays in the skin, like the pump infustion site, and you can inject into it for 2-3 days.  Seems like it would give other skin a chance to heal.