Bad D-day

Ugh this disease can be so frustrating, am I right??

I went to Rite Aid today to pick up some syringes for the Symlin because since I'm on the pump, and before that I was on the Novopen, so I didn't exactly have lots of these on hand.

I told the pharmacist my dilemma, how long I had diabetes and how old I was, and then he proceeded to lecture me about diabetes, how he says that if I don't get my diabetes in control soon, I'll have irreparable damage. Oh and that he's certain my grandparents had Type 1, which is why I have it (neither of my grandparents had Type 1). He treated me like I was newly diagnosed, and he could tell I was getting very agitated. "If I didn't care about my diabetes, I wouldn't be here trying to fix it. My diabetes control is not where I'd like it to be, but it's not because of lack of trying." He didn't respond to me; he just asked me if I fixed my diet, which according to him should be "no carbs, not even fruit." And lastly he said, "you have the pump, so you should know what good control is by now." I grabbed my needles, gave him stinkeye, and walked out of there with tears in my eyes.

Although I know that he didn't really know what he was talking about, I couldn't help but feel a sense of failure. Combine that "pep talk" with the Symlin not really working so far, and I'm just spent.

Ignorant people just send me through the roof sometimes.  Anyone ever had this happen to them?


You handled yourself well given the situation. I mean control can be tough for all of us, however you are making efforts to stem the issues that you are currently facing, which is great. As for the pharmacist, he seems to be more type 2 fixated, especially if he is talking about no carbs and such. We can eat whatever we want if we allow for it in our diets. Hang in there. He just caught you while your defenses were down. Things will get better and hopefully the symlin will do what you need it to do, to get things back in order.

It happens to me all the time. it sucks that people (especially  people in the medical field including pharmacists) are so uneducated( I prefer the term uneducated instead of ignorant) . but trust me right after i get a lecture from someone who doesn't have a clue I feel like a failure too. Then I remember that they don't know me or where I've been or how I manage my diabetes. I know it's hard and I don't do it everytime either but we need to use these time to educate them. It sounds like this guy didn't want to listen to you though so he can just go..... well he can just go we'll leave it at that.

cheer up everyone here on juvenation understands where you are coming from and we know that even though you may not be perfect (because none of us are.) i'm sure are  doing great. take care  and don't let stupid people get you down

Hi Rachel

First I just want to say Hi Neighbor! I am right down the road from you in Modesto!

I had a similar situation happen when I switched pharmacies. It is a pain to listen to people go on about something they really don't have any knowledge of.I understand what you mean about feeling a sense of failure however you did not fail at anything. He failed you and that is really disappointing that he couldn't just do his job and be civil to his customer. I hope that the day gets better for you.


You're right, uneducated is a better word to use than ignorant. 

And you're also right, he didn't want to listen to me at all--I'd start to explain and then he just railroaded me and told me something "that I didn't know," and he was going on and on about water.  I kind of cut him off mentally at that point!  haha

Thanks for your response!


Yeah, all I wanted to do was get my syringes and get outta there, ya know?  My disease is my own, and if he handles it better than I am, then he deserves a cookie.  A sugar free crappy cookie.  ;)

Thank you Brian!  Your response made me feel a lot better.  So much in fact that now I think I'm finally clicking with the Symlin!  I think I'm finally used to it and I'm feeling full instead of ill, which is definitely a nice change!  :)  This disease definitely has its ups and downs!


Thanks again!

Anything any of us can do for you is great. And keep moving onward.