Bad Day - - Fired for bad attutide!

Well I guess this is more of a rant/vent today, here it goes:

So today at work I was called in the office and was told that over the past 2 weeks my attitude was poor and that the boss has recieved many complaints about my attitude! And when she let me speak I told that I've been under alot of stress latley and it has caused my bg to go crazy and I'm not myself but I can get back to being me by getting my bg under control again. And I have hypothryoidism to so that doesn't help with the mood swings either.

She told me that she didn't want to hear my excuses and that she was going to have to let me go because of it I was so MAD.

Now I know I'm not perfect with the customer's and I can have a bad day to!!And we all know what our bad days can mean. Sometimes I'm not nice and by the time I realize what was said or what happened I'm already to late. And someone is probably running to the boss saying what ever!!

So I guess I don't know what to do now about this!! I don't know if I should file a complaint with a Labour Board or if I should just let it go!! It is of course my Attitude and I should be able to control it, but I find it very hard sometimes and sometimes I don't even know I'm doing it.

So I'm leaving it at that for now and just needed to vent/rant. Thanks for listening.


hi, I am sorry to hear  this happened. Is there any chance your boss will think things over and hire you back? If you have worked there a good while she might . .Maybe she too had a bad day or week.  If you are not hired back I'm not sure what can be done. Maybe you will find a better job with more understanding.I know this isn't much help,but I hope things get better.


I've read your bio and have been reading your messages on Juvenation for awhile.  To me, you seem like a very thoughtful and compassionate "young woman" who is trying very hard to recover from the immense physical and emotional suffering you've had to endure.  You have already had a lot of success controlling your diabetes and not allowing it to interfere with your leading a productive and satisfying life.  You are very fortunate to have the desire and ability to take control of your life and make the beneficial changes.

From today's experience, I believe you've uncovered and realized something else about yourself which you should begin working on.  I get the feeling you WANT to begin working on it and know that you have the ability to change it.  It's ok to have a bad day or a bad week or even a bad month... everybody does at some time or another.  But, if you choose to have a job working alongside other people (which I think YOU should have because of your sensitive and caring personality), then you have to work at separating your personal feelings from your work.  Think about what a teacher has to "hide" from young students, or an actor or musician has to hide from an  audience... it's no different than you with your customers.  The show must go on.

Just apply the same discipline and success you've had in controling your diabetes to controlling your feelings (especially the negative ones) in the workplace.  Just like we all have times when we mess up and fail to manage our diabetes, there will be times when you will fail to control your emotions on the job.  Tomorrow's another day.  Pick yourself up and try again tomorrow.  If you really liked your job you can try writing a letter (or email) to your ex-boss explaining your new understanding of the problem and the efforts you will be making to improve the situation.  Otherwise, take this knowledge and your commitment to change to your next job.  But remember, you are a very special person with a tremendous amount to offer.



Thank you Paul for those kind and thoughtful words.

And you are right yesterday I did discover something new about myself and your also right it's been a bad month. And I plan on working very hard at changing it.

But one thing about your post it's not so much about personal feelings it's more like when someone aggravates me it gets under my skin very easy(and sometimes it's about the stupidest things) and I seem to hold on to it and I don't really know why? It's the letting it go and not letting it get under my skin that I have the problem with. And I know if your numbers are all over the place it can sometimes affect your numbers, and mine haven't been the best but not the worst I've had either. So I again don't really know the root cause of the problem but am more than will to work on it.

I did try to email the ex-boss this morning explaining and she called me right sending the email and told me to stop harassing her. So there goes that idea but like you said I will have to be more aware of it in my future jobs.

So today is my new day and it's bright and sunny so hopefully it will hold good things for me and I will try to keep your advice in my head for the future, I may need a little reminder very once and a while though.

And I hope that you and everyone else that reads this post are well and having a great day!!





I'm really sorry to hear that you lost your job.  I am easily aggravated like you and one little thing can set me off at times, especially if I know a customer/other person is completely wrong or just being an %%#@ for no reason.  With me it's not always about my BG levels either, that's just the way I am.  I feel that I've mellowed some now over the past few years.  Not sure if it's anything I've consciously tried to do but I have calmed down quite a bit.  Even one of my bosses mentioned something about it last week (I used to have screaming fights with him all the time).

I found that when my BG is really high or low I have a hard time dealing with people.  It's actually worse when it's high because that alone makes me irritable.

Hi CJ,

Not everyone in this world has the desire and intelligence you do to analyze a situation.  Even moreso, very few people have the discipline and mental power to act decisively and modify their behavior.  This is the essence of a currently very popular and potentially very effective form of therapy known as Cognitive Behavior Therapy or CBT.  This is what you're doing when you analyze your thoughts, feelings and actions for the purpose of identifying them the next time and attemting a different response.  The goal is to achieve a different, more positve outcome.

It appears that this line of thinking comes naturally to you.  I find it interesting and firmly believe that people with Type 1 diabetes, because of the hardship, frustration and sadness they endure as well as because of the strength and discipline they need to survive, are more introspective, disciplined and methodical than "normal" people.  Overall, they are often more sensitive and self-disciplined than the "normal" people.  Are we perhaps, in some ways better off mentally because of our illness?  I know I'm inviting a whole lot of objections to this theory, but even if you don't believe it, it might be somehow self-beneficial to try.

As far as your particular problem goes, one of the keys to successfully working with customers, students or other people in general is to make a conscious attempt to put THEIR needs and concerns ahead of yours.  In other words, try to get outside yourself and into them.  And, by doing this and helping someone else -- by making someone else happy, you will more often than not help yourself be happy.  (Not always, so you have to try NOT to do it for this reason.)  Use your best judgement.  If someone else is clearly taking advantage of you and abusing you when you're being helpful and nice, then assert yourself and make it clear, hopefully without ranting and raving, that this is not going to continue.

I have faith in you.  If you can succeed at managing something so difficult and complicated as diabetes... THIS SHOULD BE A PIECE OF CAKE! :)  Did I hear someone say "cake?")