Bad Humalog?

Opened a new Humalog vial last weekend and my BG levels skyrocketed.  My ratio is one unit per eight carbs but I got to the point where I bolused an extra 10 units in the middle of the night and another 14 at breakfast.  Then I waited for the BG level to drop but it only dropped to around 220 so I skipped breakfast.  After a miserable afternoon, I opened another Humalog at my evening meal and my BG level returned to normal.  The Humalog was obviously defective and I am quite upset with E. Lily.  Has this happened to you?

Never had this happen in 35 years of shooting up (about 10 using Humalog), but I have heard of other experiencing it.  

I'd call the pharmacy and ask about getting  a replacement bottle.  Glad you figured out what was wrong.

insulin breaks down when exposed to heat or sunlight.  That being said, just like Jenna,  this has not happened to me in over 30 years either.  And I dont' even refrigerate my in-use insulin.    Lilly or the Pharmacy may repalce the bottle but htere's no telling why or when it went bad.

consider it an occupational hazard =)  glad you are okay.