Bad news

I just had my second ultrasound today and I am technically 8 weeks.  The doctor said that from my last Ultrasound at 6weeks 4 days, there is no change.  They said there is no heartbeat and the embryo sack looks like it is collapsing.  She said it is a pregnancy loss.  I cried so hard.  I have had no bleeding or cramping.  She scheduled me out till 25 of October for the last ultrasound.  She said that I should "pass it" by then.  My heart aches...even though she said that it was just a chromosomal deficiency and that it had nothing to do with my diabetes or still made me feel so guilty and like crap...I guess we will just have to try again...Thanks for all the support.


I wouldnt give up.  That happen to me and my doc did not hear the heartbeat until i was 9 weeks.  They told i was most likely going to miscarry. But now i am 20 weeks and with a healthy baby.  Have them do an ultra sound every month. I get one everymonth.

aw Nicole I'm so sorry to hear this! *hug* I had my fingers crossed for you that a heartbeat was gonna be heard this time! Sometimes these things just happen though, like your doctor said, it has nothing to do with you.

I suggest going out and doing something extra special for yourself!

I am so sorry that you are having to go through this, Nicole.  Try to take what your doc says to heart and try not blame yourself.  I am sure that she is right and that it has nothing to do with you or with diabetes.  You have been very conscientious since even before you were pregnant.  I will be thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way.

I am so sorry Nicole. Sending you lots of great big hugs! 

Thank you for the support.  I am feeling a little better.  I guess that explained why I never got morning sickness :)  I am so sad. It is very hard because I haven't spotted or cramped yet.  The waiting part is going to kill me.  I did read a blog online that a girl was 8 weeks and they told her that they still didn't hear a heart beat and that they were going to schedule a D and C and then she waited like 3 weeks and saw another doctor and there the heartbeat was...I know that is wishful thinking on my part.  I just have to keep thinking positive.  I think I am gong to get a pump though...


Nicole, I am so sorry. I went through a miscarriage last year and had no idea I'd lost the baby until I went in for my 10 week ultrasound. When that happened, my mom told me she'd had a miscarriage at 14 weeks with her first pregnancy. Not that it's any consolation, but it happens to so many people for no reason in particular. It's so unfair and so heartbreaking. I'm sorry. Take care of yourself. Sending positive thoughts your way......



Thanks Shawnie,

How long did it take you to get pregnant again?  My mom went through two miscarriages.  My doctor said that 1 in 4 women will have one in their lifetime.  Thanks for the positivity.  It is unfair and heartbreaking...even though my doc said that it wasn't because I was a diabetic.  She said that my A1C is healthy and not to blame myself but it seems so unfair when my siblings get pregnant as teenagers, smoke and drink while pregnant and have beautiful hurts. It is hard not to feel sorry for yourself of feel like you just keep getting punished.


I waited almost another year to get pregnant but then got pregnant the first try. My doctor said 3 months after losing the baby would be okay but mentally it took me about a year until I was emotionally ready. There are just so many hard things about it....when certain holidays or birthdays or seasons rolled around I had pictured that I would be going through them pregnant and I wasn't. It's such an emotional up and down and, yeah, I agree, that it's unfair to be in the club of people who've lost babies when others seems to not work as hard and breeze through it. There was a woman at my work who got pregnant on accident right after I miscarried and daily would say "why me?" kinds of things I had a really hard time with that. I guess it just takes time to work through it and even though a lot of pregnancies end that way through no fault of the mother's, it doesn't make it any easier when you're hurting like that. I'm sorry you're going through this. There is nothing wrong with feeling sorry for yourself, BTW. You're allowed to mourn. It's a major loss:(


Take care,


Hi Nicole,

I just wanted to say that I'm so sorry to hear this, and my thoughts are with you.


Thank you so much Kim, i am still waiting to miscarry my little one. I go in for another ultra sound on the 25th but I am afraid that I won't have passed it by then and I will have to chose what to do :(