Bad News

Well last week we found out my Mom has Breast Cancer in her right side. Tomorrow (11/03/2010) she goes in for a mastectomy. Wish us Luck!!! I'll let everyone how it goes. 

very sorry to hear, keith. i'll be keeping you and your family in my thoughts. many hugs going your way right now. 

So sorry to hear that, Keith.  You and your family are in my thoughts.

I hope the surgery is successful and brings good news about if it's spread!

I'm sorry you had to get this bad news.


My mom-in-law had breast cancer this summer.  Her treatment is complete now and she's doing fine.  Breast cancer is so common and treatment has improved so much in the last few years, so know that there is lots of support out there.  I'm going to pray for your mom that she be healed quickly and completely. 


I'm sorry to hear the bad news Keith :( I will keep her and your family in my thoughts tomorrow. I hope the procedure goes well and that she heals quickly [hugs]

So sorry to hear Keith. Try to stay positive and help her though this. Hope everything works out and you get good  news soon.

Hope all goes well!  We dealt with cancer her in our house last year.  I know how exhausting all the numbers and percentages get!  Oncologists always err on the side of preparing you for the take solace in the fact that many have beat this.  I pray your mother beats it too!

Thanks everyone for the support!!!!! I will let everyone know how it goes. The Dr. did say we have a 95% survival, that's pretty good odds. LOL

Im sorry Keith sounds like it was caught early with those odds.

I'm so sorry to hear this news, you and your family are in my thoughts. 

I'm sorry to hear this Keith. I with you and your family and especially your Mom all the best.


I'm so sorry to hear about your bad news. My mom was diagnosed with it as well a little over a year ago. It's been pretty rough, but my best advice I can give is to try your best to be there for her whenever she needs you. Good luck today, and your family will be in my prayers!

Well, everything went really well!!! The Dr. said the lymph-nodes looked good, just waiting for lab results. My Mom will be in a medical place for about 12 days. Again Thanks for everyone's good stuff.

I said a prayer for you and your mom.  Sorry to hear the news.  My mom is a b-cancer survivor.  She is 85.