Bad night

My daughter went to a birthday party across the street. We set her up for the party so it would go well except for one thing... Her insulin pen ran out and she didn't dose for the DQ ice cream cake. We sneaked out for a pizza and she apparently tried to call us at 9:00 but my phone didn't ring. She was 312 when she got home at 10:00. I gave her 2 units because I was worried about giving her Humalog before bed. Sometimes she is really sensitive to insulin if she had an active day and I didn't want a middle of the night low.  Her sliding scale called for 3 units.  She tested - for keytones.

A half hour ago she was at 461! I am worried she ate more than she said. I gave her 6 units according to her sliding scale.She was only this high once before and that was when she was diagnosed in the hospital.

I tried to get her to test for keytones again but she didn't cooperate.It has been an hour so I think I should go test again soon.