Bag or tote for all of the supplies

What do you use for all of the supplies you need to just go from one place to another.  I have an Insulin Pump and I find that I feel like I either shove an infusion set, insulin and everything else in my purse.  WHat are others using?

I have make up bag that came with my purse. It easily holds an extra reservoir, infusion set, humilog vial, a few syringes, inserter, and some starbursts in case of a low.

I looked at bags for several hours online before I decided to look at REI. I ended up with a toiletry bag (they refer to it as the "deluxe shower kit") and it's perfect for daily use. I have a rather large purse but it keeps my pump supplies separate from everything else in there. It has multiple pockets, a hook for on the back of bathroom stall doors, elastic loops that fit a bottle of insulin perfectly and it's zippered and insulated so just throw in an ice pack and you're set!

Hope this helps!

I recently just bought  a small toiletry bag from LL Bean outlet for 12.99 - and I love it. I took it with me for the weekend traveling and it fit everything I needed, a few reservoirs, tubing, 1 insulin bottle, handful of alcohol swabs, 1 battery, the inserter. It could have held more too. It could fit into med-large purse if I wanted it to. LL Bean has one online the 'personal organizer' in small for 22.95.

The only reason I buy the "BIG" purses is to stuff all of my necessary supplies inside of it. I also carry aspirin, TUMS, tampons, band-aid's - friends know who to come to if they need something! :) I weighed my purse, and 7.5 lbs of CRAP hangs on my shoulder day after day.. :(

I usually keep an extra reservoir and infusion set in my bag.  I carry a  humalog pen with me in case of emergency.  When I think I may have to change my set before I return home, I carry my vial of Humalog in my lunch tote to keep it cool.  When I travel ( which s a lot) I use a baby diaper bag (backpack), this has all kinds of compartments and the insulated bottle section.  I find it very useful.  I am using the Okkatots Baby Travel Depot bag, and it is by far the best bag I have used for travel.

Hi Marta, I also always used a makeup bag until I went on a 2 day mule ride into the Grand Canyon and wanted something that I could keep close at hand without losing it. So I ended up buying a little traveling bag that has an adjustable strap, and it fits my meter and supplies perfect! And you can toss it in a purse or double it up as a little purse to hold money and your id  in it if you go to an amusement park and only want to carry around something small.

I almost feel like I should start a new thread for men. If I were a girl, I'd just put everything in my purse. But guys, myself included, are notorious for putting everything in their pockets. I have no idea what I'm going to do when it no longer makes sense for me to carry a backpack... any suggestions?

Almost any camera case with a  strap will always work.

Why would it not make sense to carry a backpack? I guess if you're going into an office building in your three-piece, you could take along a briefcase, but backpacks are the bomb! I carry one almost everywhere I go, and I haven't been to school in over a decade. My best friend does too, but he carries higher quality backpacks than i. I carry a couple books, my glucometer, glucose, a gerber multi-tool, my Tom-Tom, basic (BASIC) first aid, some pain reliever.........It is essentially a purse, but more maculine than a man-bag or murse. I've carried those in the past too, but they are just too metro.

Diaper bag backpack style, has insulated pouch and lots of room!