Baking Chocolate Chip cookies

My son was diagnosed with Type 1 on August 4th this year.  Now it time to do the Christmas baking. I was at the store this morning and they now have sugar free chocolate chips.  When I compare to regular chocolate chips the total carb count for both types are the same at 9g.  The regular has 8 grams of sugars and the sugar free has 7 g of Maltitol.  Which would be better?  We are not doing the carb counting right now but I was told "a carb is a carb " regardless of the sugars.  Would I be better to let him have the regular chips instead of using the sugar free ones made with Maltitol? 


You can dose for either so some of it will come down to whether you have any calorie concerns and how the timing works out for him.  That said, I would test out a bit of a maltitol product.  Everyone in my family has had some degree of stomach issue when eating it...

When you make your choice, let us know what you try and how it works out!

Good luck!


Yeah, the Maltol always makes my stomach hurt, and if I eat a lot of it I'm in the bathroom all day!

My philosophy about sweets is just have it (in a small amount) and get it out of your system. One or two cookies will not hurt you! Especially if you Bolus or take a shot for it!! :)

I have heard of people having issues with Malitol and that it also makes their blood sugar rise.  Splenda granular will do the same thing, it has Maltodextrin in it, a bulking agent that is actually a sugar.  You would want to test it out, definitely.  Carb counting is essential when dosing for any food, sugar alcohols effect people differently!