How does everyone balance the idea of having to always maintain financial responsibility in order to afford insulin and testing needs while still trying to follow interests? My parents stopped helping at an early age and as a result, I’ve always worked full time while trying to finish school. I’ve never been able to focus on school as much as I’d like and lately it’s been an issue. What has helped you get away from working so much in order to achieve goals that don’t put your health in the air?

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@Bwmark hi Brandon, pressure in general and diabetes in particular played a major role and have shaped my goals. I avoided self-employment and entrepreneurship and have favored working for large capital industry so that I always have had both income and the insurance I need as well as being able to have group life insurance. Early in my college and employment career, I had to scrape harder and for example, see less of doctors and as another example, use more cost effective medicines and methods before I could afford better ones. I used MDI and only got the minimum blood tests for the first 10 years or so, until I was in a place where I could afford pumping.

I realize I was also fortunate, because it was before the money grab for insulin , so regular and lantus were $20 and $25 per vial at the time.

If you are supporting yourself and have limited income, I would reach out to the manufacturers like (Lilly for example) and take advantage of any assistance programs they have for the time where you are really stretched for money. that and no matter how bad it hurt, you have to put something away in a place where you can’t get to it (such as a 401k or ira) as early as possible and always avoid credit card debt or you’ll never be able to dig out.

I always though that “nothing worth it was easy”… maybe i’ve been trained to be a good dog, but it has worked out that way for me.

Hello Bendon,

What you are describing is hard…I am a mom of a 12 year old son with type one and we worried a lot with my husband on how he will do on his own when time comes…
The only thing that I can add to what Joe said is that I know JDRF has links on its page were you can look for basic health care that might be less costly. You can also contact them and ask.
I just opened this helps.

@Bwmark I have test strips (and glucometer) that need a good home. Reply if you are interested.