Baqsimi nasal spray glucagon

Has anyone used this product before that can tell me about how many carbs this spray might equal in one dose? It’s not saying anywhere in the Rx Information nor on their online site, only that it’s a one pack 3mg for one nostril. I cannot believe it doesn’t say…

I’m trying to discern at what low BG level this is best suited for - from my conversation with the Endo it would be below 70 BG but i’m thinking If I tanked at 50 bg going lower it might be best suitable rather than juice.

any replies with experience would help me.


@Disco2 The way this medicine works is it triggers your liver to dump a majority, if not all of your stored sugar. The spray contains zero carbs. The resulting “liver dump” that the spray causes may be (guessing now) between 60 and 200 grams carbs equivalent. I would never want to use this unless I was in a medical emergency. For me an emergency would be : Loss of cognitive ability or unconscious.

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I second @joe . Glucagon - in whatever form - is what I consider the treatment of last resort, given when a person is unable to take in carbs orally - they may be unconscious or combative.
Baqsimi has been mentioned on the forum and I believe some users reported headaches after taking it. I don’t know if injected glucagon does the same.

Thanks, I believe the expiration is a year longer than the syringe of glucagon which is why my doctor prescribed it as well as emergency. Knock on wood so far I’ve had extreme lows but not unconscious or unable to treat.

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I am very glad to hear that Mary. This medication can be given even if you are unconscious, it absorbs right in your sinuses.

I just received that prescription and from what my doctor tells me that’s the replacement for the glucagon needle that I’ve been carrying around the last few years. She told me it’s only to be used by someone else on me if I am not conscious.