Basal Testing

Is anyone else basal testing at the moment? I feel like I need a support group to get through this! I haven’t done this in years, mostly because I dread it. However, in working with a new CDE, he wants me to test all of my rates section by section until I get through the whole 24 hours. I knew he was going to say that going in and agreed to give it a shot.

I started with the overnight rate, as they typically recommend. It took me 6 weeks and 6 or 7 nights of testing to get it right. It was hard enough to meet all of the criteria for a successful test and then to repeatedly fail it was frustrating. I finally “passed” a few days ago. I know the rules say that once you get a good result you should test one more time to make sure it wasn’t a fluke, but no–I’m just done with this overnight rate and I told the CDE I’m moving on.

This morning I’m taking my first crack at my morning rate and it looks like I may pass the test on my first try (!!!). However, I find myself watching the clock just waiting for the next time to test. I also keep thinking that I hope I fail so I can eat breakfast, but then I don’t want to fail and have to do this again LOL.

Anybody else just LOATHE basal testing? I think it’s the definition of necessary evil.

Harsh! I have never done this …


I find it interesting how you say you pass and fail your basal tests LOL. Anyway, I did a 24 hour basal test once in the Mastering your Diabetes class held at the Diabetes Research Institute. That was crazy but, I got really great information from it.

Basal testing at different times of the day isn’t that bad. The overnight one can be a pain in the butt though. I usually try to do that on a weekend NOT a weekday.

How many hours are you testing each part of the day? Try to keep yourself busy by reading a book, watching a movie or maybe posting on TypeOneNation ? wink wink LOL… I know basal testing stinks but, think about how much better your results will be on your meter if your pump is giving you the right insulin rates during the day! I am trying to be positive for you hopefully its helping LOLOL

Hang in there!!! Let us know how it goes! Maybe I will try it out with you too!

When is next basal test?

I’m testing by meal times. For example I’m skipping breakfast and ending the morning test at noon when I eat lunch (so 7am-12pm). Then I’ll skip lunch and do 12pm-6pm and eventually 6pm-midnight.

I’m actually doing my basal testing at work so there’s plenty to keep me busy, but I just keep looking at the clock and trying to speed it up.

I think I just hate all of the pre-planning to get the right conditions for a test. Eating a low fat meal no less than 4 hours before your test begins. No exercise within the past 24 hours. Only drinking water after your last meal. No odd activity or anything else that might throw you off your course.

I’m not sure when my next test will be. It depends on when the stars align again LOL

I’m a Christian and I periodically fast for 24 hours to pray. It provides a special time of prayer and also gives me a chance to verify my basal rates.

Fasting doesn’t seem possible, but the truth is anyone can go for a day without food. I do drink small amounts of water. If my basal rate is a little high will take a few glucose tablets. Thankfully I’ve not had a low so bad it’s required more.


Let me know when your next basal is. I will do it with you! I could use it too.

there is nothing better than a CGM for basal tweaking. I am not a huge fan of the technology (I will be when it improves) but for THIS, it’s PERFECT.

since you aren’t worried about carryover from a bolus, I find it to be accurate enough to just watch, in a couple hours, your trend plainly shows if you basal is high or low. you can tweak it and go eat, test again the next day.

getting a good basal rate program is what makes pumping superior to a long lasting shot, in my opinion, it’s way worth the effort. cheers, good luck, hang in there.

PS, i dont’ know if you have a CGM or have access to one, just offering what worked for me =)

I just came back to this thread as I am testing again this morning. So much for passing my morning-rate test on the first try :frowning: This will be my fourth test in this time frame. During the first test I went low and had to bring my basal rates down. The second test I went really high–I ended up “ignoring” that test as it was so different from the first one. My last test I stayed in range but bounced all over the place within range, which was also odd. This is hopefully my last stab at this one. 1 hour and 20 minutes to go before I “pass”. Wish me luck! LOL

And yes, Joe, I do have a CGM. I only trust it to a certain degree though and prefer to do basal tests on my meter when possible.

Update–SUCCESS! On to the afternoon rates LOL.

I realized today it has taken me a little over 9 weeks to get 2 of my 4 sections of basal rates to test correctly. UGH! I hope the 2nd half doesn’t take as long!