Bathing Suites

My daughter is getting ready to get the pump. Does anyone know where to get a bathing suit that is easy to use with an insulin pump? I am going to try to make this transition easy for her & with summer coming, she will be in a bathing suit alot!


I would stay away from one piece suits. I just buy a tankini its two peices so you can get you your pump site but it is not too revealing.

Tankinis are great.  That's what my eight year old wears.  We get the skirted bottoms too and that can hide the infusion site when on her upper thigh.

tankini or bikini :-) also if you put the site in her butt instead of stomach it will not show alot, except for a little bump...just another thing to think about

Hey all!  Thanks for the tankini idea!  It makes perfect sense!  The summer of 2009 will be my first with my Chello (nickname for my pump) and although my Animas 2020 is waterproof, so that I can wear it swimming, I was wondering how to semi-hide it!  Plus, it gives me a new reason to go SHOPPING!  (Actually, I don't enjoy that part so much)

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Plus, it gives me a new reason to go SHOPPING!  (Actually, I don't enjoy that part so much)


Haha I hate bathing suit shopping! It takes me hours and hours to find one that fits me!! Sooo frustrating >:-%

I can relater to you on the shopping part!!

Wear whatever you feel comfortable in.... I myself wear a bikini most of the time. I have had diabetes for a LONG time (40 years, and yes, I still wear a bikini) so most people I'm around with a swim suit on know I have a pump and what it's for. I just don't sweat it. If anyone has a problem with it, it's their problem, not mine.

Yea, i agree  with everyone above tankini or two piece work best, if you wear a once piece its too hard to hide and no where to put the pump unless you wear shorts. if you do wear a one piece you can put the site on your thigh but thigh for me always gets pulled outt when I go to the Bathroom ok TMI but its the truth!!