Bathroom accidents at school

Hi all,

I am new to the community- though I have been lurking for years. I have a 5 year old T1D D who was diagnosed at 14 months. She just started school and has had two bathroom accidents since September. I am wondering if any of you parents have experienced a similar thing and if it is related to hyperglycemia?

The first time she was on the playground and asked a teacher to use the restroom, but just didn’t make it inside. They provided her with clothes and didn’t call me. Her Dex (G6) was reading 110 so I assume that this was the number. When I asked her if she felt high or low she said no that she just couldn’t make it.

The second time they were sitting being read to and apparently it happened. D didn’t say anything until the teacher said something. I did get a notification that she was one arrow up. Once again they took her to the nurses and changed her, but I did get a call since needed to do a correction bolus.

As a first time parent I am wondering if this is just normal 5 year old behavior or something to. be concerned about? Could it be related to diabetes? She is a bit embarrassed and don’t want it to happen again for her. I am considering brining in an extra pair of clothes to keep with other supplies in nurses office so she doesn’t have to wear clothes from the lost and found.

Thank you so much for any and all advice.

@albertjk in my opinion, it’s just a 5 year old dealing with school. Keeping clothes at school is a great idea