BCBS or Cigna?


I live in New York and have to switch insurance plans in January to either Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO or Cigna PPO. I have a Dexcom G6 sensor, a Medtronic pump and supplies. Does anyone have experience with either plan? Can you advise on which has better coverage?

Thank you!

Hi Caitlin! I’m in DC and have a Cigna PPO. I also have a G6 but do not have an insulin pump. My G6 prescription is filled through the pharmacy, which was new for me coming from another insurance provider. The transmitter and receiver are free (although the pharmacist will call you and say “it’s not covered”, but it actually is and there are a few additional steps they have to do to run the rX, but that’s a different story) and I paid $120 for 3 months of censors.

I know there are a bunch of different plans based on your employer and location, so I’m not sure how well this will compare to your plan. I had to really dig into the fine print when selecting mine. The various Cigna plans looked similar until I dug into rX coverage and that made a big difference in terms of cost.

Good luck! It’s crazy how hard it is to pick a plan.

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My son is covered through our Cigna PPO plan. They have been very cooperative in covering the pump supplies (Omnipod for several years and Medtronic for the past 4 years). The G6 Dexcom supplies are also easy to obtain - as stated above, we can now pick up at the pharmacy.
Good luck!

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As Amy has said, i aslo have Cigna and the transmitters are free. I pay 199 for 3 mos of sensors.

Thank you Amy! Are your G6 supplies counted as prescriptions and not durable medical equipment, then?