Becoming a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE)?

Hello. I am totally interested in becoming a CDE. Is anyone on this website a CDE? Do you have any pointers to give to a person who is interested in taking this step? Do you think becoming a CDE is worth it? Any input is helpful!


I am not a CDE but, I think to become one you need to go to school for clinical nutrition first and then get certified as a diabetic educator seperately.


Really? I have a Bachelor of Science degree and I was hoping that it was a at home course and a testing of the knowledge that you learned on your own. I am curious. I wonder if there is a website I could find?? Thanks Gina!

As far as I know, you need to be a recognized healthcare professional before you can write the exams to become a CDE.  I live in Canada and I'm not sure if the rules are different than in the States.  Canadian-specific information can be found here.


I am an endocrinologist and definitely feel that diabetes educators are incredibly important people -- they do the nuts and bolts of diabetes care much better than a doctor can... To become a CDE one has first to be a "licensed professional" -- usually that is an RN or Registered Dietician but one can also be a social worker or even a physician.  There is a curriculum of information one must know, one must have a set number of hours of experience, and then also pass an examination.  I would suggest you check out the website of the American Association of Diabetes Educators--it will either have all the details or be able to direct you to the information.

Carol Cheney MD

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