Becoming a Diabetes Educator

Does anyone know what all has to be done to become a diabetes educator? I know that you have to have a nursing degree and take a test, but is there anything else involved? I'm a senior in high school and very interested in being an educator of diabetes. I'm trying to plan what college I need to go to and what I need to major in to accomplish this. Your feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

your school counselor should be able to find out that information for you, but here are two websites i found for coming certified in the US:

looks like you just need to go to a school that has a registered nursing program before starting the work experience needed before you can take the test.

I'm in my last year of nursing school right now and have considered becoming a diabetes educator as well!! They are in high demand!! After you get your BSN, they suggest getting your masters and getting your certification as a certified nurse educator in diabetes! I recently was just on the medstaff of my area's ADA overnight diabetes camp! Strongly suggest doing that....I had a great time educating 9-13 year old diabetics and helping them manage their diabetes.

i am a RN, but you dont have to be a nurse to be a CDE (certified diabetes educator) is the official website for all things related is the page for what to do and how to do it

it's my plan to do this after i get my BSN

i am going to be a CDE as well. i went to school for dietetics (RD). you can be a CDE with (some form of) nursing/doctor or RD. you have to have a certain amount of contact hours (it adds up to be about a years worth) with diabetic patients, then you can sit for the examination.

I once had a CDE who was educated as an exercise physiologist, I think. She was great and very knowledgeable even though she wasn't a nurse.