Being a girl SUCKS!

ahhhh! about to start my monthly gift-I'm 14! what am  i even gonna use it for? I get so irritable too-my friends have renamed it "Prickly Maria Syndrome" My blood sugars are so bad during it too...ugh! any ideas on how to keep it down during what I affectionetly call "the $%&#%& that ruins my A1c" ? I seriously will be 500 taking 10 unit humalog shots and nothing will happen. any ideas?

Well when youre sugar is 500 you need more than 10 units to lower your sugar. I never had problems with my monthly gift and being high. What do you mean what am i gonna use for it?

[quote user="Sue"]What do you mean what am i gonna use for it?[/quote]


I mean that since I'm 14, I really don't plan on settling down and having kids (the only useful part of our monthy gifts) for another ten years or so.

Prickly Maria Syndrome! LOL I love it.  My blood sugars go crazy during my period too (low in the mornings/during the night, and shooting up for no reason.)  I don't know what to say about keeping your blood sugars in check..I have a hard time with it too.  I guess all I can suggest is try to drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated, bolus for all snacks, and try to keep your stress levels down.  If it becomes unbearable, you might want to talk to your OBGYN about going on birth control.  I was on it for a while because I get really bad cramps and my periods are really heavy.  It did help me a lot. 

Yeah I get highs during PMS, then when the flow starts, they drop like crazy!  For some reason I am always surprised by it, best advice I can give (and need to follow) try and track it so you know when it will start (the PMS), that way when it does, you know why.  I find making sure I exercise sometimes helps curb the drastic swings, and for me- my mood.

Maria Rose

I too have rediculously high blood sugars the week before my period.   Yesturday I ate virtually nada all day, swam 1/2 mile on lunch break, checked blood sugar around 3:30 and it was all but 400.   Took another 10 units and when I got home at 6 having still eaten nothing bs was 420.   What up?????  Hate it!!!!!   By 9 pm I was finally feeling a little better, bs at 187ish so of course I was starving and afraid to eat.     Had peanut butter crackers fearful that it would rise again.   Well got my period in the night and then couldn't  get blood sugars over 50 - 60ish all of today.  

I haven't found a way to keep it down.   Just hang in there and take more insulin than you think we should.  I sometimes set my alarm to wake me at 2 am to check then.   It's like the insulin just quits working!.   PS.  I'm soon to be 57 years old and haven't missed a period yet.   How long will this keep goin' on?     Yuk  LindaKaren

Have you discussed this with your endo?  If you can figure out the pattern, it sounds like you need more basal insulin the few days before your period starts, and less basal during. 

I agree with Kim.  You may need to raise your basal or take more long acting insulin for when you're on your period.  I have the same issues, my sugar levels will stay elevated during my time of the month and since I am on an insulin pump, I'll set a temp basal higher than my norm.  This helps keep the levels down over the duration of my monthly.  If you are taking a long and short acting insulin, then your long acting is your basal insulin and thus you should take more of that during your period or whenever your elevated bs pattern is (before or during period).  Your endo should help you decipher how much more long acting to take. 

I'm right there with you, my BG sky rockets and I just have to wait a couple days and it evens out.

Also, you're correct. Being a girl does indeed suck.

my bs is always high during my period. My endo had me go up a unit on my long acting insuling during that time of the month and it has helped alot.


I have an insulin pump and a whole other set of basal rates just for my period. Makes it much easier for the week before and during!

Even though I haven’t hit My monthly yet, I am gonna talk to my endo ahead of time. “Hopefully before it hits.” At least my endo is a girl. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would’ve thought being female was enough advanced warning to plan ahead for it tbh!

It is tricky but don’t lose hope. Do your homework for what happens each month and the levels will work themselves out. Don’t be hard on yourself too - that’ll only raise your stress levels leading to high BGs as well.

All the best with learning and mastering your adult diabetic self! :slight_smile:

Being a girl does NOT suck! Simply because we are STRONG and RESOURCEFUL.

The reason our insulin sensitivity rises with PMS is the increased hormone levels (I think it’s the rise in progesterone, but don’t quote me). The suggestions here are absolutely on the money - increase your basal rate 10-20% for your PMS (love your Prickly Maria Syndrome btw) if you are pump-controlled.

I found I also needed to take a Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) (aka, antidepressant marketed towards PMS relief) for the 3 days of my PMS. DON’T freak out. I found I ONLY had to take it during PMS to maintain my glucose levels - it staved off the effects of the hormone changes! And since I don’t have clinical depression, I had no need to take it every day. Weird, huh?

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THIS IS MY EXPERIENCE and I share it as a option for you to pursue with your health care team!!!

Gina, where you buy this set?

I’ve been having a lot of trouble with mine, too, and I’m nearly 27. I have intense mood swings and my blood sugar control is nonexistent. My diabetes never reacts the same way twice in a row. The week before/of, I’m either dropping just because I’m breathing, or my insulin resistance is off the charts. I recently started NuvaRing, since other birth controls also had similar resistance-causing effects that no amount of insulin would help. So far, I think it may cause some resistance because I’m higher than usual, but I need to wait and see because the resistance may be caused by illness. Also, I’ve noticed an improvement in my moods, cramping, and improved skin. Hopefully, things will continue to progress in this fashion, because with this type of birth control, I won’t need to have a period until I want to have a child, and that kind of BS control would be an invaluable contribution to a good quality of life.

However, if you find that you ALWAYS have higher insulin resistance and sugars, you should consider asking your doctor about metformin. It’s a drug designed for Type 2, but has had positive results for people with T1. It should help with your insulin resistance. Good luck!

*By illness I mean a cold/possible sinus infection, not the usual diabetes. :slight_smile: