Being a teen with diabetes?

How's everyone's social lives? Does being diabetic affect it? Are there a lot of things you can't do because of it?

I'm almost 16 and diabetes doesn't usually affect what I can and can't do, but there are a few things I can't, like sports and blood sugar for starters.

Share with me! :)

im good the only thing that i have noticed that i cant be on is a swim team or water polo! but thats because i have a pump so it cant get wet...but its all good cause i really dont think i'd be to good at it! anyway my life is affected but not as much as though i just sit at home and do nothing(even though thats kinda what im doing today) besides that i pretty much do what i want to!

It doesnt affect me much. sometimes my teachers nag me or think they know what theyr'e talking about when they don't. same for my friends:)lol

I just joined my swim team and I have a pump so I'm not sure what i'll do... 

I have a waterproof case for my pump. I have a medtronic minimed pump. If I'm not going swimming all day, I just take my pump off. If I'm at a water park, I use the case.

I have the cozmo, and since I've discovered it's not fully "waterproof" (bad experience with a hose 2 years ago....), when I go swimming, I just disconnect for an hour, testing before and after. If my blood sugar is fine after an hour, I don't reconnect and just go back to swimming, but if it's high, I reconnect and take a correction.

The beach is the only thing I have issues with. (stupid sand....)



I'm at the becah all the time in the summer surfing or hanging out on my family's boat... Try testing before you disconect then wraping your pump in a towel! It works really well for the most part. The only problem I have is getting circle tan lines because of my sight... lol

hahaha yes! when i was going to the tanning bed for a while, i had circles all over my stomach!

Well usually I'll put it in a plastic bag in a cooler, but sand always manages to make its way in. and then sand gets all in my site too. :P

Good thing I live in the middle of a desert I guess. haha :)

It doesn't affect me too much.  I've learned to adjust and deal.  The only problem I really have is, because I have the pump, I get circle tan lines from my sight.

I'm pretty good because most people have known me since kindergarden and they don't think anything of it anymore.

Same here.  A few friends asked me why I was gone for a week and I gave them the long story.  They don't seem to mind.  About half of the people in my class don't know that I have diabetes.  I'm not sure if that's good or bad...

How do they not know?

My social life is pretty good! Diabetes usually doesn't affect what I do or don't do...I'm very active in band and the only time my "d" goes crazy is after a contest or high-pressure concert (okay--yeah, so I totally am a band nerd.) *I almost passed out last year at State* anyway, my social life isn't too affected by diabetes. 

I can't be in sports, as the former coach said that I would be a "liability to the school". 

Anyway, diabetes makes me feel special in some ways!! I love getting questions and funny looks about my pump when we're on school trips! Everyone at school is aware of my diabetes and my pump and are usually there for me whenever I have my hypo moments. 

So, there you go!!! :)

I wish I could be more open with my friends about it. Sometimes it feels like I can't be close with them because we don't talk about it.

I honestly don't see much of a difference as to whether or not diabetes affects my social life. To be real about it, drinking is the only thing that is kind of a problem. Obviously people drink and whatnot, so sometimes that is hard. I have had DKA because of drinking before.. and it is not fun at all. I've gotten past that though and can be the sober one without a problem.

I play basketball and soccer and have found that the only difference there is just making sure you have a snack and a quick sugar in case all the exercise drops your blood sugar. 

Basically though, I just work around my diabetes. It sucks but we have to deal with it :) 

I've come to realize that if someone doesnt like me because of my diabetes then they are just not worth it. they need to like me for me and honestly i dont care what people say about it. My best friend is a diabetic and i babysit for someone who is a diabetic. its just normal to have people in my life and my friends are supportive of me and my diabetes. they help when i ask them to and they back off when i ask them to too. So for me being 15 it doesnt bother my social life. Its apart of it.

I've never had problems with diabetes and a social life. It affects my school life more than it should, though. My friends are all very understanding and help me if I need them to but they also know when to let me be (that took a really, really long time for alot of them, though).

well i hate diabetes i have had it scince i was 5 years onld and now im 13 so some thinds i have never been able to do is go to a sleep over my mom worries i will get low in the night and whatever. and when i was younger i could not go on a field without the nurse or my parents there. but i also miss alot of things apart from that x[

I used to do swim team and I just disconnected my pump for the time I was in the water. I didn't go to high from it because swimming really keeps my BGs down.

I used to do swim team and I just disconnected my pump for the time I was in the water. I didn't go to high from it because swimming really keeps my BGs down.