Being high during the night

My 10 year old Daughter, Jensyn, always seems to go high during the night no matter what we do.  She will go to bed with a number of 100 and I will check her in the middle of the night and she will be 230.  This is with no snack before bedtime and at least a few hours after dinner....does anyone else experience this with their child?  Her A1C is good but it did go about a tad from last time and her numbers that I write down 4 times a day were so good! The only explanation I have is she runs high EVERY night and this would be the reason her A1C is up. We go again in 3 weeks so I will have to see what happens. It's rather frustrating!!

Thanks :)


I had the same problem with my son good sugars all day and when it came to his 3am check he was always High. His endocrine recently changed his basal amount to be a little more (his on a pump) and it worked his sugars have been great now.So maybe thats what you need to do give her a little more insulin at night expecially if she has a patter of highs.

                          Good luck.  

This may be a direct result of a release of growth hormone at night. We have been through this with my daughter numerous times before. Our CDE explained that especially while they are expreriencing a growth spurt, their bodies release extra growth hormone at night that raises the bs. I f she is on injections it is a little harder to fix the problem. If she is not running hight during the day too, you can't really adjust her Lantus. If she is on a pump the basal can be set a little higher until she straightens out. It will get better. If it continues, and you see a pattern of at least 5 or more days of that, ask and see if her Lantus can be tweaked a little or her basal adjusted if she's a pumper. Good luck, and hang in there. Those crazy kinds of things happen all the time!


I'd track all your numbers for 3 days and call your endo. if you are on shots maybe they can up the Lantus to help at night and maybe have to decrease the bolus ration slightly to compensate if she is already doing well during the day.