Bellowing Omnipod?

Has anyone else had their Omnipod go haywire and emit a high pitched alarm even after you have deactivated it? I have only had it happen once before but it happened to me last night at a restaurant. Yes yes my fault - I let it run out of insulin. But after deactivating it at the table to no avail I had to excuse myself and go to the restroom, take it off and stomp on it about 8 or 9 times before it stopped bellowing at me…

Yes, that has happened to us twice. Once was because the pod failed and once was due to a battery issue with the PDM. Even after it is deactivated and removed it continued to sound the alarm. Both times I had to smash it with a hammer :slight_smile:

Oh this makes me laugh! Most recently, I had to wrap it in a dish cloth, oven mit, put it in a container, then put it in my (empty) dishwasher to muffle that horrible shriek. My husband and my friend’s mom have also had to take a hammer to them too! This is too funny!

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Wow, I never thought about suffocating it :slight_smile: I just have beat mine down with a hammer and as per my story above, with my shoe like it was a cockroach. I love the OmniPod so it’s not really a complaint, it’s just a strange quirk… Glad to hear your stories!

This happened to me a few times. The first time I put it in the freezer and after about 3 days it finally shut up.

I called tech support and they had me push a paperclip or needle in the small hole that’s covered in sort of a coppery cover on the wide side of the pod. It’s on the back, maybe under the bandage-sticky part. It turned it off immediately.

This happens quite frequently and always at the wrong time. My latest was during a customer meeting (I’m a consultant). I tried to deactivate it and it didn’t work - I think I clicked the wrong button in my haste. So I tried going to the restroom to open it up and take out the batteries. That’s how I handled the older version of the omnipod pump - the shell used to come off so easily. But this time it would not budge. My customers were waiting for me in the conference room while I was frantically stomping on the siren pump with my heels, banging it against the bathroom sink, throwing it against the wall with all my strength…nothing! I eventually had to wrap it in my blazer and shove it in my bag. At the lunch break I called support and they told me the same thing @HarmonyM said: you just take a paper clip, a pushpin, something small and sharp - and push it through that hole in the top center of the back of the pump (on the shell part, not where the insulin goes). It stops the noise immediately. I now carry a paper clip in my zippered pump case. Lesson learned. But I wish I had learned it before that mortifying scene in the ladies’ room at work.