Belt Clip

Admittedly I’m a bit hard on my pump and adept at breaking the belt clip (my preferred way of wearing the pump). I’ve replaced at least four over the past 5 years. I thought it was just me until I called this last time and one of the top level menu options calling Medtronic customer service was “if you need assistance with replacement of a belt clip or holster press…” So, clearly it’s an issue for a number of people. The plastics used in the most recent clip do seem stronger but there is still major weaknesses in the design, namely a tiny plastic hinge where the main pin goes through. This is the same place I’ve consistently broke the clip. I’m surprised that with their excellent pump technology, the clip is such a weak point.

If you’d broken yours and/or you have ways to wear your pump that you really like, please let me know. I do already use a belt with a neoprene pouch when I’m very active, exercising, biking, etc. Don’t like wearing the belt pouch for everyday.


hi @Timg,

I don’t have a better way, so I stock at least 2 clips and re-order often.

I’ve also broken the actual clip, just about where the d and t are, when a fall-protection harness I was wearing got caught and, well, actually caused me to fall. I had a rectangular bruise on me from the pump as well.

The way I see it is this: if the clip were any stronger we could damage the 7,000 dollar pump and not the $13.00 clip. Think of it as the “shear pin” on your snowblower.

Good point @Joe regarding breaking the clip instead of the pump. And I totally get the analogy about the shear pin. That actually came in handy on my lawnmower when it hit a rock I didn’t see a few years ago.

You could see if you can find the older version of the clip on Ebay. It was more substantial and I never had any issues with it, but it’s not a sleek-looking.

I have broken many Medtronic clips and I found that cell phone cases work really well. Your pump is more protected and the cell case seem to last longer. Just remember to find one without a Magnetic Closure or it will mess with you pump.

Good suggestion! Any particular cases you can point me to or one that you use?

Not really, I buy the cheaper ones so if they break it’s not a big deal. But you really just have to try different ones and see what is the best fit for your pump.

This is my second pump by Medtronics most likely my last. Their sensor cost is too much and only lasts 6 days at most. I believe other pump sensor last longer and are cheaper. This will be one of my deciding factors next time. The new upgrades they made were only program changes. I some ways made it harder to use. Not even a year old and I had to replace it due to condensation forming on the inside. Messing up the electronics causing it to fail.

If you are planning to get one make sure this one is the right one for you.

I we broken mine several times over the years. I recently broke it again and resorted to a flexible super glue called “Sure Flex” by living solutions. It’s made for leathers fabric shoes rubber but it flexes or gives more for all my many times the clip slips off my pants etc and bounces on the ground.

Hi @timg
I Have had the Medtronic pump for about 2 years now and I have broke at LEAST 10 clips because of soccer, field hockey, biking, and so much physical activity. My Medtronic Consultant recommended the holster. It is actually very durable and I have not broke it. I would recommend this holster.

Thanks for the reply @DjLandschoot. I recall the holster (wonder if I still have it somewhere). I didn’t like the bulkiness of it versus the clip. I use the clip for regular wearing and only occasionally put the pump in my pocket. I definitely found the clip too fragile for activities like mtn biking, soccer, etc. For that I use a nylon zippered pouch and elastic belt.