Benefits for diabetics?

Hey does anyone know any type of benefits that are available for diabetics? I'm looking for more scholarships for school, I know there was one I missed recently, I think the deadline was in May. I'm also trying to apply for disability. I'm not sure if I'll get it, but they told me to try due to my insurance issue.

here is one that I found by accident. It's for high school seniors with type 1.

Hope this helps.

I'm going to be a sophomore in college :(, but thanks :). Hopefully someone out there reads this and can benefit from it.

 I am going to school to become an LPN. I have not find any grants/programs for adults going back to school to further their education.

I get help from the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (state department) of Iowa. Because of diabetes + other chronic illnesses, they considered me "significantly disabled" and I received scholarships every semester totaling up to 40% of tuition. I had to maintain a certain GPA as well as other requirements. They are even willing to work with me after graduation to help me find a job and place to live. Right now, I am on hold with them because I am graduated but not finished with my program (need an internship). I would encourage you to look into the Dept. of Voc Rehab for your state! They may not give you 40%, but they will assist you in ALL ways, not just financially. It's an amazing program! (There's also no age limit or limit to years of college/education. I could continue going until I receive a PhD if I wanted too...)

I have looked many times for scholarships for Type 1 diabetics, also. Unfortunately, I haven't had much luck. I've seen a few for students with T1 who are also involved in some other specific activity (there are quite a few for those who play tennis-- why? I don't know...). If you find any good ones, let me know. I'm only going to be a junior in high school this fall, but I'm getting a head start on looking for scholarships.



Thanks C,

 That's helpful information, I'll have to look into it for Pa. Any help would be wonderful.

You might want to talk to your college advisor or student disability office, they are probably aware of some things we aren't.

miss Lena

I am sorry but I am confused. Is your diabetes out of control so bad that you can't do stuff a that anybody else can? I don't understand how any type 1 could be elligible for disability unless you are blind from retinopathy or have significant nerve damage.

maybe it is just me but I have worked my ass off since I was 16 to prove to everyone around me that type 1 diabetes is not a hinderance or something that makes me different from anybody else. maybe this is just the way I feel and if you are very sick or have a dibilitating issue I am sorry and you should definatly apply for disabilty.but if you arn't. my tax dollars should not be spent on you. 


haha. i guess i just realized how it sounded. no, my diabetes is very well controlled. while i do have some complications, they are due to a serious illness i had when i was 13 (uncontrollable complications despite good control).

what voc rehab does, is take the potential "disabilities" you have (illnesses or hinderances) and rates them on how it affects your lifestyle. for example, chronic illnesses make your regular life more difficult because there are extra doctor appointments, specialists, and extra care for yourself you add on top of everyday activities. when you have multiple illnesses like i do, your "score" adds up very quickly.

i am a "normal" person (in that i can do the same things as everyone else). my diabetes is under good control, i went through college twice, hold 3 jobs, and live on my own. physically (in the outward appearance), i am not disabled. however, when it comes to how much burden i have to carry in order to take care of myself, i rate very highly because of multiple diseases/disorders.

voc rehab is a very giving and helpful department. their goal is to help EVERYONE live as normally as possible. they even provide assistance for people with learning disabilities, such as dyslexia and adhd. they go from simple disabilities to very extreme ones such as physical and mental handicaps. their ultimate goal is to help everyone live as independently and normally as possible. while we don't typically view diabetes as something that could hold us back or hinder our independence, is has the potential to do so. so voc rehab helps in whatever way may be necessary to help me keep independence (i also have to prove i am taking good care of myself by sending them test results and notify them of serious illnesses and so forth).

hope that helps clarify!

it does,  thank-you

there are scholarships for all types of issues so i was wondeing if there were any scholarships or programs that could help me pay for school...if there are programs that could benefit me i'm going to take all the help i can sugars are very out of control and i've developed ketones as well...but believe me i do work as hard as I can...i have no more insurance and can't cover some of my insulins and supplies anymore so when i went to reapply for the medical card they told me the only way i could get it is if im considered "disabled" so i'm going to do what I have to because I need my insulin.