Bent tubing

i changed my infusion set today, but when i went to eat it said no delivery so i changed it again and when i took the infusion set out, halfway up the tube that was in me, it was bent at almost a 45 degree angle. is that considered normal sometimes when you have a messed up infusion set?

Yeah, it happens.  Sometimes it is dependent upon site choice.  I find I am more likely to have it bent if I do a cheek placement versus a stomach or love handle placement, because I sit on it.  And yes, it will mess with your delivery.  The pressure to push the insulin along the tubing will increase and the pump will sense that and cry "No Delivery!"  Take a drinking straw and bend it 45 degrees and try and blow and you'll see the increase in pressure...

Yes, I have had this happen. It seems like sometimes the tubing (I assume you mean the canula in the infusion) gets bent because the adhesive which sticks the site in place wasn't secure. So it slips a bit...the only other thing I can think of that might cause this is that the needle, when it was pulled out (after the site was put in), stuck or grabbed the canula. I think that this may have happened to me at one point.

I hate changing sites more than once. I walk by a door knob, and out it goes...argh...snagged. Or my dog jumps up and gets tangled in the line, and I am trying to keep her from getting hurt and also trying to save the site.

It might have to do with the angle at which it is put in. I use a Cozmonitor pump, and sometimes, I swear it just decides that it's had enough of my current site and just wants a new one for the heck of it. So it will beep and say no delivery...blockage detected...and what's annoying is that there's no real way to make it not stop delivery....bleagh, truly.

Here in South Carolina during the summer, the site issues can be huge. I have to make sure to use IV prep and that it is completely dry before I even try to put a new site in.

Good's good that you were checking frequently. That's the key to preventing DKA.



Yes. I cannot think of a time when I had a No Delivery screen that wasn't from my set being bent. I always know when one is bent because it more painful when I take it out.