Best a1c since diagnosis

Did a home a1c test with my daughter today and the result came back the lowest since she was diagnosed and was over 1 point lower from her last endo visit 6 weeks ago.  I'm happy to say the least!

congrats to your daughter.

my lowest A1C reading was 7.3, about 2 1/2 years after diagnosis. that reading came back about 3 months of me being on the insulin pump.


I have heard of the home A1C tests, and when I asked my doctor about them, she said they can be very inaccurate - just a thought.  (Sorry to be the rain on the parade...  just call me Eeyore.)

Tell your daughter to keep up the good work :)

My lowest A1C was 6.3 I believe.  But I think I'd been having a lot of lows, so that wasn't good.


I saw them on sale at CVS the other day for $30.00.  The first thing I thought was that they can't be very accurate for that price!