Best affordable meters?

I am looking to purchase a new meter. Can anyone recommend an affordable and reliable meter? I was looking into the Walgreens brand True Track meter. With my insurance the test strips would only be $15 every 90 days which is a great price. Does anyone have this meter? How do you like it? I have been paying $95 every 90 days for Free Style lite test strips, $25 monthly for insulin, $230 every 90 days for OmniPod supplies. It's just getting to be too expensive for me. I need a cheaper route. 

I've used the Walgreen meters in the past and they're fine.  Go with whatever strips are the cheapest for you.  

We have found that you can get a free meter from the company.  Go to their website and see if they have a way to get a free meter.  They make all of their money through the strips so you can often get a free meter.  There are even some meters that hook to your Iphone now if that is something that interests you.  I haven't tried any of the drugstore brand meters.

The best and most affordable meters are free from your doctors! If you see an Endo, or even a General Doctor (whoever diagnosed you) they should have free meters from the meter sales reps. The reps give the doctors free meter kits usually complete with meter, lancer, and 10 test strips in order to get you hooked on their test strips for however long you use them. That's where the money is, recurring test strip sales.  It's easy to get a free meter from these companies as it is a guaranteed repeat purchase of their super profitable test strips.  Certified Diabetes Educators and the like (Dietitians) will also have these samples to hand out at their disposal.  If you have trouble with any of these sources, you can always contact your local JDRF chapter for some info on where you can get a free meter, or they may even have something for you themselves!

Best of luck.

I'm currently using a TrueTrack Meter. Before, i was using a OneTouch Ultra Mini that costed $20 and strips were a bit costly without insurance so I actually found a TrueTrack meter at a warehouse that my church owns and got over 100 boxes of strips so I have ALOT. I like it, it's accurate (checked against my Ultra mini) and very convenient seeing that it attaches to the bottle of strips. Only thing is that the memory does not show Date or time and is kind of one directional so you'd have to scroll through all of them to get back to a previous reading. Other than that it's great. If you do get one, I'll check the warehouse again and see if I can get some strips for you as well (:

The Relion meter from Walmart is great. 100 strips are $50 and they are very accurate.