Best automated pump to use with the G6

Hello, I just received my g6, and now was wondering what the best pump would be to use with it. Was looking for something automated, and easy to use.

@Myke hi Michael, the only automation you can get with G6 is the Tandem Tslim with basal iq. This “automation” just stops the pump in the event of a low blood sugar or a predicted low blood sugar. Most pumps have limited automation, and are “feed forward” meaning they do not adjust anything for rising blood sugars. All pumps require to tell it when and how many carbs you eat. This is not automatic. Only the Medtronic has a pump that increases insulin on high blood sugars but it does not work with the Dex/G6.

Another pump is the Omnipod which is a self contained thing and may be of interest.

Good luck they are all good pumps