Best carb/ insulin app

Hey all,

Type one here and really trying to get myself tightly controlled. I need help with carb/insulin dosage. Any advice on an app that translates carbs eaten to insulin dosage? Any insight is very appreciated!

@Mlp1124 hi Michelle , you need 2 things that an “app” can’t give you. You need your own personal carbohydrate ratio and you need your own personal insulin sensitivity. After that you know what these numbers are you should be good to go.

After testing, for example, my personal I:c (carb ratio ) is 10 in the morning ( 1 unit insulin for 10 g carbs). Also my personal sensitivity is 32 ( 1 unit insulin reduces my blood sugar by 32 mg/dl in 4 hours).

There are books to help you test and determine your numbers. Good luck.

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Thank you, you are right sometimes I am looking for a quick technological app to fix my diabetes :grimacing:

There is a great book called Think Like A Pancreas. It is extremely helpful in showing you how to calculate these factors and how to adjust your insulin accordingly.

Thank you!!!

Michelle Pacione