Best Dexcom G6 calibration method

This may have be shared in the past. However, I am going to explain how I’ve been able to get our Dexcoms G6 accurate. Sometimes, even though Dexcom concluded it was a bad sensor.

If the Dexcom G6 is not within 20% of range:

Calibrate sensor every 15 mins up to 3 times until its within 20%. Of course most of us already know this. The most important part ,and most over looked step is, if you DONT calibrate within a min of when the Dexcoms reciever number changes. You are potentially calibrating to 5 min old information.

In other words, simply put…Wait until the number changes first, calibrate, then wait another 15 mins, repeat.

Obviously, calibrating while bs is trending a straight line is ideal, but this should still make sensor far more accurate.