Best first pump for a 6-year-old

Hi there! Our little girl was diagnosed nearly two months ago and is doing great. Our care team think that she’ll be ready to transition to a pump soon, so we need to make a decision on what type. CHLA leans towards Animas or Medtronic; T-Slim seems popular too. Let’s hear it from all you seasoned users out there… what do YOU think, and why? Thanks so much in advance.

They are all pretty good so try to find one that has the most local and friendly support.

I use minimed they’ve been pretty good for me. Best of luck.

I am using the Medtronic/Minimed pump and the Sure-T infusion sets. I love both the pump and the sets. The Sure-T has a metal needle only 6 mm long (a quarter inch) and it is easily applied to the body parts with fatty tissue.

If you want your child to use a CGM, then I recommend the Animas pump. The Medtronic CGM is unreliable, and not very accurate at all. The Animas is integrated with the Dexcom CGM, which is very accurate, and easier to use. The Animas also has an infusion set like the Sure-T, but it goes by a different name. You can ask an Animas person on the phone for the name of that infusion set.

The best pump for my daughter is the one that she wanted to wear. At 10 years old, she wanted only the tandem t slim. It is reliable and the company support line is well staffed. At 6 years you may have more say. Still, your daughter should want to make this change as there is the site changes every 3 days or so to consider… Hope all goes well…

My 6 y/o son started on the Omnipod pump about 10’weeks ago. We absolutely love it. I just love that it is tubeless, can’t imagine having him connected to tubing all the time. Especially with how active and adventurous he can be. I would recommend it without hesitation.

Thanks for the conversation. Our 7 year old can go on a pump soon too. My husband and I are leaning toward the Medtronic pump because that is what my husband uses. We would be cutting down our learning curve by going with something he knows. However, the CGM is awful and unreliable. Our endo said that we could do Medtronic pump and Dexcom CGM even though they won’t sync. Has anyone else done it this way?

Hello tphillip, I used Medtronic pump and a Dexcom CGM several years ago. That required me to wear a separate device…the receiver for the Dexcom. It was awkward to wear both the pump and the receiver on my belt, and I am an adult. I think it would be much more awkward on a child’s smaller body. The Animas pump is integrated with the Dexcom, so the receiver is inside the pump.

Thanks RichardV for the information. We have just begun our exploration. Are the infusion sets for Animas and Medtronic similar or different?